You’re wondering what it’s worth a Taghazout surf trip? Or you’re already convinced and want to prepare your morocco surf holidays in the best way?

Taghazout Surf Trip - Travel Guide to surf in Morocco

Let’s make a first & quick picture for you : Taghazout is for Europeans what Bali is for Australians!

Which means, a surfing paradise for all surf lovers but also experienced surfers looking for an authentic place. Its sweet weather will allow you extend your best passion during the winter season. In this post, we will “summerize” all you need to know before you come to Taghazout. Here are 10 Tips to prepare your Taghazout Surf Trip.

And yes, we wrote “summerzise” in quotation marks because this an x words article. It’s full of usefull advices and suggestions. It will try to answer every question you may have about your next travel to Taghazout. How to get there, things to do in Taghazout, Tips and tricks, some moroccan words to have fun, etc.

We hope it will help you guys! And if we forgot any informations, tell us in the comments section. We’ll be more than glad to answer to it.

Your journey starts from here : (This article will be available very soon)


Tip#1-How to get to Taghazout?

Taghazout is a small village located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. About 20 km from the city of Agadir. To reach Taghazout, you have several options. The fastest is obviously to fly. What makes Taghazout acclaimed by European surfers, is its proximity. The village is only a few hours away from the main European capitals. The flying duration is just 2 to 4 hours.

  • Taghazout by plane

If you’re flying, the easiest way would be to land at Agadir-Al Massira International Airport. The airport is 30 minutes from Agadir, and one hour from Taghazout. Several companies serve the city of Agadir. EasyJet; TUI Fly; Transavia; Germania; Norwegian; Air Arabia; Brussels Airlines; Ryanair; Condor; Lufthansa; Eurowings; Royal Air Maroc, etc.

The prices of the flights to Agadir vary of course according to several factor. The airline company, the city of departure, the period and the time of your booking (It would be good if your organize your trip in advance). They still will be accessible given the proximity of Morocco.

The tip we recommend is to search on Google Flights. This tool offers several options to book your journey in the best way :

  • It offers you flexibility by suggesting dates close and cheaper. (See the example for this trip Paris-Agadir).

How to get to Taghazout - Google Flight - Taghazout Surf Trip - Travel Guide

  • It allows you to see the variation of the prices of the flights in graph. Which is very practical to have an idea of ​​the periods least expensive. For example, you can directly understand that March is one of the most popular Taghazout months for french people.

How to get to Taghazout - Google Flights graphs - Taghazout Surf Trip - Travel Guide

  • The tool suggest other flights to nearby airports, which are cheaper sometimes. (In this example, you can save half the price if you land in Marrakech. Maybe an opportunity to visit the red city one or two days before you take the road to Taghazout. For serious things, you know! 😉 

How to get to Taghazout - Google Flights map- Taghazout Surf Trip - Travel Guide

  • Finally, Google Flights offers travel guides for the cities of destination. But guys, you don’t need that for Taghazout because we tell you everything you need to know, right?

How to get to Taghazout Morocco - Google Flights graphs - Taghazout Surf Trip - Travel Guide

Genius, no ?

Ah! We’ve almost forgotten. Google’s comparator offers you to save the flights and track the price evolution by receiving notifications each time it increases or decreases. So you can save your flight if you are still not sure to come. But what an idea to hesitate! Who does that to come to Taghazout?

Taghazout Surf Trip - How to get to Taghazout Morocco - Google Flights price tracking - Travel guide


You can also use the very notorious Skyscanner. Which offers good tips too !

  • How to get from Agadir airport to Taghazout

There is no direct bus from Agadir Airport to Taghazout. You will then have to take a Grand taxi from the airport to the city of Agadir. It’s available almost at any time, he will drop you off at the Batwaar district. No need to tell him, it’s the terminus of the Grand taxis.

Ask him about the bus stop number L32, located just a few steps away. This one will take you to Taghazout. All the itinerary should last about an hour.

Here are the schedules of the first and the last bus L32 during the normal period. Except for the summer holidays (there is a shuttle every 30 minutes):

Taghazout Surf Trip - How to get to Taghazout From agadir, Morocco - Bus L32 - Travel Guide

Source: The Bus company Alsa 

If you arrive outside these hours, several companies offer shuttles. You can also contact us or call us at anytime. We can pick you up with attractive prices.

Note that if you want to book your trip in a surf camp, the shuttle is often included in the package.

  •  How to get from Marrakech-Menara airport to Taghazout

If your starting point is Marrakech-Menara airport, take the N19 bus that will drop you off at the Medina. The bus N°19 connects the airport and the town with a frequency of every 30 minutes from 7h to 21h30. The price of the ticket is 30 MAD.

You should get off at Marrakech Station. Once arrived, you will find CTM and Supratours bus stations which are good travel companies. They will both take you to Agadir in 3 hours and a half at a cost of 150 MAD.

The buses are comfortable with air conditioning, reclining seats and, sometimes, wifi on board … and in addition they are cheap.

If you prefer to take the Grand Taxi, and if you are at least two people, it will take you from Marrakech airport to the city center for 70 MAD. No more than that ! Unless it’s by night. Ask him to drop you near the Grand Taxis to go to Agadir. These cost 120 MAD.

  • How to get to Taghazout from another city (Essaouira, Casablanca, Rabat)

If you arrive at Taghazout from another city (Casablanca, Rabat, Essaouira, Fes …), the SNCF, Supratours and CTM networks serve all these cities and you will quickly find your way. Just go to the train station where bus stations are usually located too.

Here is an image of the SNCF and Supratours transport network connecting the cities of Morocco.

How to get to Taghazout From Casablanca, Rabat, Essaouira - Transport Network SNCF SUPRATOURS - Taghazout Surf Trip

  • How to get to Taghazout by car

To get to Taghazout by car, take the N1 road which connects the two northern and southern ends of the Kingdom of Morocco from Tangier to Guerguerat.

The fastest would be to take the N1 then the highway, via A1 and A7. The trip should last 9 hours, but take your time. Anyway, you will quickly understand that Morocco is a country where time runs slower, where everything goes slower. Find your itinerary here.

Taghazout Surf Trip - Taghazout Morocco by Car - Google Maps

Tip#2-Taghazout Travel Budget: What do things cost?

You’ve finally made it! You’re in Taghazout and you can’t wait to take your first wave and spend a memorable surf trip.

But first, you want to have some practical informations about living costs to make sure your budget lasts until the last day of the journey.

According to Numbeo – the first database of the costs of living in the world – life in Agadir is 63% cheaper than in Paris, 62% cheaper than in London, 54% cheaper in Berlin, and these percentages don’t include rent prices where the gap widens even more.

You’ve got it, if usually you are on good terms with your pocket, the cost of living in Taghazout should not worry you.

A Moroccan dirham equals approximately 0.1 dollar / euro / pound. Convert here your budget in Moroccan dirham (MAD or DH)

Here are some products and services prices you need to know:


  • Water: MAD 5.6 for 1.5 liter bottle
  • Local Bread : 3,8 MAD (500 g)
  • Beer: MAD 12 (domestic) to MAD 20 (imported)
  • Fruits: rarely exceed 10 MAD / kg
  • Vegetables: rarely exceed MAD 6 / kg
  • Eggs: 13 MAD for 12 eggs
  • Milk: MAD 7 for 1 liter
  • Cheese (local): 40 MAD / kg
  • Chicken: 40 MAD / Kg
  • Beef Round: 70 MAD / kg
  • Fish: It depends on what fish, but the cost remains affordable. If you come with us, we will go fishing for it ourselves.
  • Cigarettes : 33 MAD (20 cigarettes pack)


  • Meal: From 30 MAD for one person (inexpensive restaurant) to 120 MAD for two people (mid-range restaurant).
  • Water: 3.5 MAD
  • Coffee: 8 – 10 MAD
  • Cappuccino: 10 – 12 MAD
  • Moroccan Tea: 8 – 10 MAD
  • Coke: 5.6 MAD
  • Beer: 30 MAD

Telecommunications :

The prices of telephone services in Morocco do not change much from one operator to another. The main operators are Inwi, Orange and Maroc Telecom.

Prices of the packages remain quite accessible, especially to have Internet (4G). For example, for Orange (we take it just as an example, you can visit websites of the other operators too), you can have a free number, and a non-binding 27GB internet plan with 3 hours of calls at 149 MAD (15 Euros – Price at August 2018).

Taghazout Surf Trip - Morocco - Mobile Plans - Orange

Inwi and Maroc Telecom should propose almost the same thing.

Think about calling your friends and family from Facebook, WhatsApp or others. You will manage better your package like that. Also, even if you change the number during your Taghazout surf trip, WhatsApp keeps your main number associated with your phone.

There are also roaming offers that cost more (20 Euro for 2 GB internet) but have the advantage of being able to keep his number on.

Taghazout Surf Trip - Mobile & Internet plans in Morocco - Orange

When you land at Agadir airport, Marrakech’s or others’, you will find the agencies of the operators quickly. Take care of this to reassure your families.

Also, we encourage you to buy from artisans and local markets of Taghazout. At Barrel Flavor, we not only want to help small traders, but we also find their products of very high quality, organic and not expensive at all. Just a stroll in Taghazout’s market is a real moment of pleasure: between the scents of vegetables, the colors of spices, the kindness and authenticity of traders … a real treat!

Tip#3-How to get around in Taghazout ?

Well, this part will not be the longest in our guide, epitomizing the smallness of the village Taghazout where you can move from one place to another with a snap of fingers. More seriously, you take one and only one line: the line number 11.

What is line number 11? your feet!

No, really more seriously, you really do not need any transportation because deverything is close to you. The beach, the market, the cafes / restaurants, the alleys, … This is one of the advantages that make the charm of this paradise on earth: it’s like if you are in the middle of a small island invaded by hippies where you forget the pollution and traffic jams of big cities.

Tip#4-Where to sleep in Taghazout ? Choose the right accommodation!

Your hotel, hostel, apartment, or other will be your point of departure in Taghazout. Where you relax after a long day of surf, yoga, ballads, etc.

It is therefore important to choose the perfect place to sleep.

By this, we do not necessarily advise you to go to luxurious places where you break the authenticity and simplicity of your trip. If however you prefer the total comfort and you are ready to pay between 100 up to 250 euros / night, there are adapted hotels (Sol, Hyatt, …). “Always check the reviews before booking!” says Mr. Obvious!

Booking offers a range of hotels and hostels with a wide variety of prices.

  • Choose Airbnb in Taghazout

There is also the Airbnb solution if you come in a group. It offers very good apartments with beautiful views and if you are lucky some good comfort and affordable prices too.

In fact, the average price displayed on Airbnb is 50 euros, and they range from 20 euros / night per person to 120 euros, depending on the apartment / villa selected, its area, the season (winter is more expensive and you must book in advance), the comfort offered, the proximity of the beach, the terrace, the services offered (wifi, washing machine, kitchen equipment, parking, etc.). Check the locations on the Airbnb map. You would certainly prefer spend your trip next to the beach. Trust us, we know how can guests get lazy during their vacations.

Furthermore, don’t forget checking your host’s history on Airbnb, reviews and rates of past guests. Start a conversation and say a few words about your trip and make your expectations as clear as possible. The host probably knows the places not to be missed and those to avoid. Follow your intuition: if you have a doubt, don’t book!

In any case, make sure to to pay your booking in the platform even if the host suggests to do it differently. This way you’ll be sure to avoid any scam.

If it’s your first Airbnb, you can register from a friend’s referral link, he will get a gift and will be very thankful :).

  • Sleep in Surf camps > Our recommendation for your Taghazout surf trip

Honestly, if you are in Taghazout for surf or yoga, we highly recommend the surf camp option. To surf is a whole universe.

Learning to surf will surely not depend on where you spend the night before, but immersing yourself in this atmosphere of Surfers will help you to observe and soak up their spirit, in a multicultural and international atmosphere without equal.

In addition, you will be in constant contact with your surf instructors who will prolog your lessons even during meals, parties, chilling moments, etc., giving you tips and tricks that they did not have time to show you during your surf school sessions.

Again, prices will vary from one surf camp to another, depending on the package you have price, the proximity of the surf camp to the spots, the city center, etc.

Surf camps are becoming very popular in Taghazout, in every spot you can find many, big industries or little cosy surf camps. Surf camping does not necessarily mean that you are going camping. Between tents, dormitory rooms, private rooms, double rooms, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Here again, you will be more reassured if you read the reviews on your favorite place on the various networks made for: Tripadvisor, Facebook recommendations, Google opinion, … And read the comments well, because a surf camp offers a lot of services. The 5 stars can therefore designate the food, but the 1 stars can point hosting conditions.

Here is our list of accommodations we trust :

Tip#5-Where to eat ? Here is our recommendations

  • Dar Josephine

The most :

Dar Josephine is a pleasant restaurant offering local and original dishes. His 2 owners are very kind and give a wonderful welcome. The meals are hearty and they don’t forget to include some little gifts (if you like spider crabs). Rooms are spacious enough. Basically, it is a beautiful place with shaded terrace full of charm, sheltered partly by trees, partly by veranda, all forming a bucolic space.

Ah, something we should not forget : your dog is welcome 😉 which is sadly but truly rare in Taghazout.

The least

If you don’t like cats and dogs, don’t go there! Also, if you like cute cats but not jumping cats, don’t go there! If you are afraid, they will catch your fish (well, you know how cats can be selfish). And they are practically always there. Plus, the place is not always clean, so you can sometimes be joined by flies…

The home made bread is not included, so make sure to ask (maybe it has changed) to not be surprised at the end.

Finally, Josephine is a french name, so expect lot of french music.

Prices and restaurant menu (coming soon)

  • Café Mouja

The most

Cafe Mouja is very a good place with a breathtaking panoramic view and very healthy and diverse menu. If you are a vegetarian, it’s gonna be your favourite restaurant. Friendly personal, tasty french toasts, vegan burger, soy milk, refreshing smoothies, all that in front of a relaxing view and near to downtown.

The least

Some guests criticize the value for money which is not always balanced. We imagine that the owners take into consideration the view of the sea to increase the price compared to the competition.They also point the slow service sometimes.

We’ll let you go judge by yourself. At least, you won’t be too disappointed after a romantic sunset!

  • L’Auberge Resto

The most

Another good place where good food meets the beautiful view. Feet in the water, a few meters from the port, L’Auberge Resto offers traditional and international meals with organic and fresh food, like at home. The patio tables are a good spot. The atmosphere is Hawaiian / hippie, with lots of tourists and music that transports you to the 70’s.

The least

The food is ok, but do not expect the finest food of Taghazout. The choice is a bit limited. If you can’t stand the strong smell of fish, notice that you are located in the harbor. So you are not only dependent on the restaurant’s hygiene, but also the port’s.Stray cats and dogs will pursue you here as well. You got it, if you prefer more tranquility, this is not your best spot.

Prices and menu: (coming soon)

Sunset Taghazout

Tip#6-The Best Time for Taghazout surf trip

Before talking about the best surf season for Taghazout, the best time to come to Taghazout is NOW!

Actually, Taghazout is in the process of becoming a global touristic destination with ongoing urbanization projects. Therefore, if you miss the charm of the current Taghazout, we won’t be able to promise what it will become after that.

In fact, The Taghazout Bay project says it’s eco-responsible and fits into its environment. But what we know right now is that even if Taghazout will keep a charm, it will be different. So, don’t wait any more, whatever the season is. Anyway, we will almost always find a good spot for surfing.

Beginners Surfers

The best time to surf in Taghazout” is a question we find a lot on the internet. Many sites try to respond by limiting the period to specific months. Generally, from December to March.

If we refer to this rumor, surf camps would never have been a flourishing business in Taghazout, and surf instructors would have been unemployed for a long time. Actually, for beginners, the best time to surf in Taghazout is almost all year long.

Let’s have a look at what this data tells us: This graphic represents the monthly search volume of the keyword “Surf camp Taghazout” on Google since 2014 in some European countries.

The best time for Taghazout Surf Trip, Morocco - Google Data

Without taking into account the constant evolution during the years, showing the growing interest for surfing in Taghazout, the desire to come back and the increasing notoriety for the village, the graphic shows especially that if the traffic starts to fall in April, it does not drop drastically, but remains very important from September to May. Even in the years before, the research is quite constant from one month to the next.

They explain out there that the heat is shattering during summer in Taghazout? This is the graph of the weather in Taghazout in 2018 by NOAA, giving the minimum maximum and minimum temperatures per month. And if on days of summer the heat can reach the 32-33 degrees, it remains much less frequent than the days lower than 30 degrees, and happens only in July and August, the only 2 months that we tell you to avoid.

The best time for Taghazout Surf Trip - Weather Morocco

The truth is that if the swell is very generous in winter, it’s not non-existent in spring. And if we correlate the number of waves that you can catch in April / May, only for you, with the number of waves that you have to share in peak period (december/january) with the crowd of surfers in this period, the gap won’t be so disappointing for you.

Plus, at Barrel Flavor, we are passionate about surfing, we live to surf, which makes our first reflex every day checking on specialized sites like MagicSeaWeed or WindGuru for the best spots (swells, wind direction, weather, etc.).

You can see here that you still can have fun on spring, and the weather is sweeter. So don’t hesitate and join us! Check out our Beginners Surf Package.

The best time for Taghazout Surf Trip - Waves information

Source : Easy surf maroc

Experienced surfer

If you are an experienced surfer, you would more likely want to come from Octobre to March. In April/June/July, there is no clean swell with high wave period, but a constant breath of air that tends to swell towards the end of the afternoon, the morning sessions are often not worth it in this season. The beach break works well (Devil’s Rock, Crocro or Tamri when there is no swell) at high tide is between 0.5 and 1.5m.

We know each meter of Taghazout Surf Spots, and it will be always safer to go with a local, not only to guide you, but also to make you in the best conditions, and have some fun.

Our instructors spent years in Taghazout surfing spots. Trust us and check out our Surf Guiding Package.

Tip#7- How to choose the right Surf School in Taghazout?

We are getting to the surf school part, finally!

To learn how to surf in Taghazout, there are many options available.

On the one hand, it’s a good thing because it doesn’t long before you find your surf school or instructor. On the other hand, it can be very disapointing, or even dangerous sometimes, to be with the wrong guy to teach you. Because surfing is a sport discipline in its own right. Not only does it require a thorough knowledge of surfing and physical education, but also a great awareness of conditions of seas and movements of oceans, tides, surf spots safety, etc.

In addition, we know that you usually stay for a short period of a few days. It must be frustrating to leave without your surf lessons being effective, and going home saying “fuck, I didn’t take even one wave”. So you are looking for a surf school where lessons are effective and progress is monitored and felt.

Trust the name of the surf instructor, not the surf school

When looking for a surf school, don’t rely on the name of schools, but on the name of instructors. That’s what makes all the difference!

A surf school changes instructors all the time. You don’t always know who will support you. However, you must learn about your surf coach, his skills, his certifications, his didacticity, his pedagogical spirit, his empathy and possibly his achievements as a surfer.

At a minimum, your surf instructor must have the license of the ISA (International Surf Association).

Surf kit must be included

Surfboards, appropriate body-size wetsuits as well as the transportation of your gear, from surf camp to the various Taghazout surf spots must be included in the Surf School offer. These are small details that will affect your Taghazout surf trip and make it as comfortable as possible.

We’ve promised ourselves not to bring any ads in this article. But when it comes to surf lessons, our core business, we want to make sure that you get the best return on investment, and that you come back home proud to have achieved something in Taghazout and say “Hell yeah, I did it, I’m a surfer now!”.

So if you don’t want to spend your free time in Taghazout with Barrel Flavor, it’s okay, we forgive you. But when it comes to surfing, our school is based on passion, and even you, you will never forgive yourself.

That’s why our advise would be (or should we call it “ad’vise”?) : learn about Nabil, our certified instructor, immersed in the world of surf since childhood, and who will know how to teach you the lesson from your first handshake. Find out more here.

Tip#8- Surf equipments you will need in Taghazout

First of all, if you are taking a surf lessons package in Taghazout, make sure there is a gear it goes with. It should be included. In case you have already booked and it was not included, consider loaning from Taghazout Surf Shops.

Sometimes you want to buy you own stuff. You know, it’s pretty cool to keep the surfboard that helped you taking your first wave.

In a surf shop, you will be seduced by lots of gear and accessories that can be good for you and your comfort, but not essential to the practice and learning of surf.

Our advice: start with the essentials!

It’s a bit like learning guitar. Many Fenders and Gibson are slowly mildewing in cellars. At the first place, we were motivated and we put the means. Of course we want you to reach advanced levels and have a regular practice of surf. But it starts by concentrating on fundamentals, far from the gadgets that can distract your mind from your main goal.

So, what do you need for your Taghazout surf trip? It’s simple :

  • Surfboard, obviously! : you are a beginner, so before jumping on the first surfboard you will see because you like its shape and design, it would be better to have an expert to give you his advise. Generally, the surf shops know their field, they will tell you what would be the best for you according to your needs, you level, the spots you will surf in, etc. As a beginner, you would go first with a big surfboard, an 8′ board should be your minimum. The more bigger it is, the more quickly you will learn.Also, if you want to save money and have a quality surfboard, think about the used ones. In Taghazout, during the surf season, you will find good cheap opportunities to do. So, do not rush! Especially considering the price it costs to travel with its surf equipment by plane. We will write soon an article about that. You can make good deals here, and we’ll show you where.
  • Wetsuit : A wetsuit is essential to not feel the cold or take hot shots. And it protects your from friction with the board and scratches on the bottom. The neoprene thickness of the wetsuit varies with the temperature of the water. The colder the water temperature of your spot, the thicker your combination will be. In Taghazout, given the water and climate conditions, a 3/2 MM should be good enough for you. The wetsuit will determine the insulating efficiency and therefore the duration of your session. So choose it well!
  • Surf Leash: Take a surf leash! It’s cheap and it can save your life. And if you’re loaning, you will be sure you’re giving the surfboard back. It ties your leg with your board so you can easily catch it back when you fall. The leash should be long, as long as your board (or more) so you can avoid hitting it when falling.
  • Other equipments : Maybe having a surf Wax is a good idea, that helps you controlling you board. But all other stuff would be optional, you can take it for more comfort or if your health conditions requests that. We are talking here about ear plugs (optional in Taghazout), surf bags, sunscreen (which is very recommended).


Tip#9- Lean some Morrocan arabic (Darija)

In Morocco, you will be surprised by the number of new friendships you will make. As soon as you arrive, everyone sympathizes with you. The taxi driver, the policeman at the airport, the cigarette street seller, the cleaning lady of the surf camp, the local surfers, the neighbors … almost everyone!

What if you learn a few words from the Moroccan Darija to exchange with them?

Don’t worry, almost everyone can speak French or English, or at least an understandable beginner English. However, it is always pleasant for locals to hear Salam Aleykoum, Shoukrane, or Beslama.

So here are some words to “learn Arabic in 1 minute without a teacher” as they say Haha! Mchina ? (Ready?)

  • Hi : Salam
  • How are you? : Labass elik ?
  • Fine! and you? : Labass Hamdoullah, W’enta ?
  • Nice to meet you : M’cherrfine
  • Thank you : Shoukrane
  • Please : Afak
  • Sorry : Smeh li
  • Where can I find … ? : Feen kayen ?
  • How much ? : Ch7al
  • MAD : Derhem
  • I love you : Tanebghik
  • Good : Mezyane
  • Beautiful : Zwine
  • Congrats : Mebrouk


Tip#10- Things to do In Taghazout

Yoga retreat

Argan Corporations

Souk and shops in Taghazout

Horse and Camel Riding

Moroccan Hammam

Moroccan Food sessions

Paradise Valley Tour

Imouzzer Waterfalls Tour

Tip#11- Safety and Health

Emergency Numbers

Morocco is a one of the safest countries in Africa. In North Africa, things went wrong in the recent years. Thankfully, Morocco has avoided crises and has shown an example of maturity, stability and sense of responsibility. It is one of the most touristic countries in Morocco and every “safest countries in Africa” rankings has it in the list.

However, in case of emergency during your Taghazout surf trip or during your stay in Morocco, here are the numbers to call:

Fire brigade & Ambulance: 150

Police: 190

Gendarmerie Royale: 177

SOS Medecins 24/24:  05 22 98 98 98

Mondial Assistance (International travel insurance): +212 522 97 47 47

British Consulate Agadir: +212 528 84 12 19

French Consulate in Agadir: +212 528 299 150

German Consulate Agadir: +212 528 841 025

Spanish Consulate in Agadir: +212 528 845 710

Can women travel alone to Taghazout ?

This is surely one of the most widely heard questions of our foreign friends, wishing to come to Morocco, but worried about the safety of women in an Arab-Muslim environment.

To answer this question, nothing better than rely on our friends women travelers feedback, who have already gone through this experience.

In Taghazout, the situation is not representative of the rest of the country and the big cities like Marrakech. The village is used to tourists and has a deep respect for them. Women move freely and tan in a bikini on the beach without being disturbed generally. The locals will make sure that people respect you.

Don’t forget that it is a country with a Muslim culture. Being in a bikini in a restaurant or downtown in Taghazout could surprise or shock. But shorts / tank are not provocative, and you would be more tranquil.

In large cities (Marrakech, Casablanca, etc.), you may be approached by several people with unacceptable behavior: you can sometimes hear embarrassing little sentences, without reaching physical approaches (well, thankfully!). At the market, as for any tourist, you risk being ripped off with surreal prices.

Wanna hear a precious advice? Decline nicely any proposal of insistent stranger. If he insists more, be firm madam and do not be fooled. Make the attacker understand his limits and he will leave you alone. There are a lot of civil cops in Morocco and bad people do not like to be noticed.

To sum up, Morocco is no more dangerous than several tourist countries. The majority of people will welcome you with a smile, and you will be surprised by the human warmth and the generosity of the country, it’s even one of the things you will remember the most of your trip. However, not everyone is so caring, so if some bad little experiences cross your path, go your way and don’t turn back, don’t let anything disturb your beautiful journey.

Hospital and pharmacies