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BarrelFlavor surf&fun is a institution based on passion and sharing with others. We are passionated by surfing, our country and especialy the south of Morocco. We seek to share our culture and make foreigners discover it and live it while taking care of their body and mind.

Surf and yoga are ally and you’ll be enjoing this while living an adventure with us. Our team aims to create something better, special & different for you. That’s why you can’t hesitate contacting us with any wishe while booking your trip with us.



Nabil Bergui Barrel Flavor Surf Camp MoroccoNative from Mehdia, Nabil Bergui is the founder of BarrelFlavor Surf and Fun. His passion for surf made him a professional coach aiming to share his experience.

He started surfing at 6 years old at Mehdia beach on the atlantic cost of Morocco. One of the best spot in Morocco offering right point break and beach break with mainly an easy access from the sand.

A word from Nabil: ”Surfing is my true passion in life, it has taken me into surfing contests around the whole Moroccan coast – North to South.. diving me not only into the water of the Atlantic Ocean, but also into the uniqueness of my country and its culture and lands. In addition to this passion, I am ISA certified, RLSS and Surfing GB certified. Bringing more people into surfing and practicing yoga with an healthy life style, and  sharing my knowledge is what makes me feel thrilled at the end of each day working and living at Taghazout” 

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Our Surf School is located in the paradise of surfing in the south of Morocco: Taghazout. In this small village we have over 30 surf camps, but none like ours. We want to do something that other surf camps haven’t done. Besides giving the guests best experience possible and a memory for life, we want to give children and teenagers, who might not have the conditions in life, a possibility to learn how to surf. We are also very keen on nature and animals. Therefore, we will serve also vegetarian food. In our camp, we will focus on what we as surfers and humans can do for nature and the ocean to prevent pollution and conserve our natural environment.

In addition, our biggest difference is the way we view people. A guest is not a sack of money on legs, and an employee is not an unnecessary expense. A guest is here to have an amazing experience and to discover the magic of surfing, nature and Morocco. An employee is a part of the family. We will be a team, and we strive to be the surf camp everybody wants to work for. Right now in Taghazout there are only a few surf camps who treat their staff well and we want to emphasize how incredibly important it is for us that the staff are happy and feel good about their job. Collaboration between staff and joy at work shines through to the guests.


The BARREL flavor team makes sure your fun is guarded by safety. Our team has the highest qualifications within the surfing discipline. We are not just founders of another surfschool, we will be your shadow all along your amazing trip to Agadir, Taghazout, Paradise Valley, all surf spots etc.

Surf School Morocco Barrel Flavor Surf Camp


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